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Ear & Drum: Session 274 – Stroll Out

Crossing over to the Soulful side of the street for this one with Heron Flow, Seba, and Calibre all stepping up. We have a couple of tracks from Soul Connection’s latest LP – Possibilities which is well worth a listen. And we’ve also got the very under-rated Riya & Collette Warren on their own Carnelian imprint with a Bladerunner remix of their track Vices and a Vanguard Project re-rub of Little Things.

Also keep an ear out from one of my favourite artists, Adred on Inperspective Records with his killer track Just Now featuring the one and only Robert Manos. And last but not least the return of Badmarsh & Shri through Calibre’s remix of their track Signs which dropped on Signature recently.

Stroll Out – 1hr of Soulful D&B

Winslow – Sweet Tooth
Dub Head – In My Mind
PeRex – For Love
Creatures – Desire
Seba – Public Beauty (Zero T’s Ugly Mix)
T.Base – Take You (Silentium Remix)
Heron Flow – Snow
Soul Connection & AKA – No Pressure
Soul Connection – Break of Dawn
Artificial Intelligence – No Fun
Quartz – Way Back
Riya & Collette Warren feat. Whiney – Vices (Bladerunner Remix)
Calibre – Soul 80
Sully & Salo – Nights (Vocal Mix)
Riya & Collette Warren feat. Technimatic – Little Things (The Vanguard Project Remix)
Anja – One Time (Euphorics Remix)
Adred feat. Robert Manos – Just Now
Break feat. Lorna King – Wait for You
Badmarsh & Shri – Signs (Calibre Remix)
The North Quarter All Stars – Never
The Sauce – Time Must Come

Ear & Drum: Session 273 – Ruckus

The heavier side of Drum & Bass has recently decided to get it’s groove back, which I am here for. Not so abstract, still dark and heavy, but with a distinct dance floor flavour that gets the head nodding.

As per usual, Kasra and Critical Music seem to be on the bleeding edge of the sound with releases such as Shatter with YAANO and bb.oo. Metalheadz are holding it down too with Marly Marl’s Feel Deep Headz and Run Away doing bits, Dark ’97 by Immerse, Philth & Ant TC1 rolling out and Inner Terrain’s killer track No More also holding the groove. And I couldn’t resist throwing in the recent Universal Project remasters of Bleach and Rux Flava because they are just too damn good.

A word of warning that there is a slight glitch in this mix around 30 minutes in due to a recording muck up. I loved the rest of the mix so much, that the thought of re-doing it just to smooth over a tiny glitch just didn’t feel right. Hopefully you can over look it while listening through.

Ruckus – 1hr of Hard and Heavy D&B

Marly Marl – Feel Deep Headz
Total Science – No Smoking (T>| Remix)
Mako & Seba – Brotherhood
Kid Drama & Garvo – Nitrosurge
Kid Drama – Ratchet
Breakage – Style
Dunk – Danger
Inner Terrain – No More
Immerse, Philth & Ant TC1 – Dark ’97
Marly Marl – Run Away
Kasra & YAANO – Shatter
Cycom – Yucatan (The Green Man (TGM) Remix)
Chris.Su – Antiserum (Klute Remix)
Envy &. Azifm – All Night Long
Motive – Tuff Luv
Kasra – bb.oo
Photek – C-Note (Instrumental Mix)
Noisia, Sleepnet & Lumen – Finality
Universal Project – Bleach
Alibi – Rave Digger VIP
Universal Project – Rux Flava

Ear & Drum: Session 272 – Hertz to Breath

Soulful D&B can be a bit of a Marmite sound, you either love it or hate it. I personally love the groove, the soul and the smoothness. And when it comes to smooth it is hard to beat people like DRS, Lenzman, GLXY, Naibu and every other producer in this mix.

If you like this sound and haven’t discovered DRS’ Everything Must Go! album, get on it! Ditto for GLYX’s incredible Love, Chaos EP and the new Nauibu joint Sans Soleil. So much great soulful stuff around at the moment.

Hertz to Breath – 1hr of Soulful D&B

DRS & Mither – Angels On My Shoulder
GLYX – Detached
GLXY & Catching Cairo – – Fine Lines
DRS & Mither – No Surprises
T.Base – Universe
DRS, The Skeptics & MC RVS – Stand Calm
GLXY & [KSR] – What it Seems
Mohican Sun – Blurred Peak
Lenzman & Reeves – Play Around
Random Movement – Modelo Fumunda
Brainwork & mnml – Grey
DRS & SI8r 0 On Us Lately
Naibu – Sunless (feat. Robert Manos)
Naibu – Sans Solell (Reprise
DRS & Vangellez – Hurts To Breathe
Naibu – Spring
Soul Connection – Truly
The Sauce – What’s Going Down
Heron Flow – Snow

Ear & Drum: Session 271 – One Six Four: Two

Part two of my infrequent series focusing on beats at the 164bpm range. There is too many great tunes in here to call them all out. I will highlight MOOD$ impressive Soul Music EP on Outhouse Sounds however as every tune on it is a straight up banger.

Shouts to ASC and Eshaton too for hooking me up with a slew of incredible music on the regular which I very much appreciate. Keep the goods coming.

One Six Four: Two – 1hr of 164bpm Beats

Sub Motion – Random Movements
Aural Imbalance – Altered Perception
Starski – Eros
Cryogenics – Shadow Path
ASC – Repetition
HAIDA – Don’t Need A Title (Mystic State Remix)
The Noise Of Art – Aquatic Comedown
The Noise Of Art – The Revival
Technimatic – For All of Us
Thought-Forms – X3
Perspective:R – Rays of R
Starski – Dawn Dew
Calculon – California Heat
WUFO – The Day
Perspective:R – Don’t Go
Marenn Sukle – Never Hurt U (Mystic State Remix
MOODS – Jodie’s Song
MOOD$ – Soul Music
Addison Groove – Meaty Business
MOOD$ – Severence
Levrige & Mystic State – Undercurrent

Ear & Drum: Session 270 – Hometown Secret

Always out to prove that Liquid isn’t a dirty word, this mix has a little bit of everything except the stadium sound that most people associate with the genre. Furney’s cracker track Tantrum is a jazz fused number with a heap of grunt behind it and we have the title track from his recent So Cold LP on Soul Deep. Break is back, also with a new Digital World LP on Symmetry Recordings from which I’ve drawn Tell Me and his amazing vocal track Wait for You with Lorna King. And I’ve pulled Daylight and Low Flying from Bungles recent Under Influence EP on the titular Influence label.

Other tracks of note that I’m feeling are Green Lane by the dream combo of Alix Perez & GLXY. These two just don’t let up on their quality liquid output. Eddy Don’t Sail & Isla Wolfe – No Place Like Home, which is just a straight up banger of a vocal track and the classic Artificial Intelligence track Switch On that recently received a much appreciate remaster.

Hometown Secret – 1hr of Liquid Lushness

Alix Perez & GLXY – Green Lane
BCee – Creed
Technimatic & Ruth Royall – Help You Stay
Furney – Tantrum
Technimatic – Coming Back
Eddy Don’t Sail & Isla Wolfe – No Place Like Home (Extended Mix)
Break – Tell Me
Furney – So Cold
BCee – Shelter
Random Movement & Anthony Kasper – Tomato Bisque
Total Science feat. Riya Quartz – Walk the Same Line (Villem Remix)
Quartz – Way Back
Quartz – Ivy
PA – Live Life
Break feat. Lorna King – Wait for You
The Vanguard Project – Chimney
Qua Rush – Honey (feat. Sista Lu)
The North Quarter All Stars – Never
Calibre & ST Files – Astral Plane
Artificial Intelligence – Switch On
Bungle – Daylight
Bungle – Low Flying
Eddy Don’t Sail & Isla Wolfe – No Place Like Home (Extended Mix)

Ear & Drum: Session 269 – Call the Ambience 19: The Chikara Ward

I stumbled across The Chikara Project at the end of ’22, and fell down the rabbit hole in ’23. Pretty much every release of Mystic State’s has something to draw me in. As a production duo they are obviously talented, but as a label they incredible. Adding artists like HAIDA, Marenn Sukie, Deviant, Levrige and Brainwork to really up the ante.

There is something infectious in the The Chikara Project’s ability to be chill and ambient, but add enough grit to get you nodding your head and moving. The bass is warm but huge, the beats are tight and the vibe is there. There isn’t enough of this sound in D&B, but at least Mystic State are holding it down. Respect.

Call the Ambience 19: The Chikara Ward – 1hr of Chilled out D&B

Mystic State – One For You
Mystic State – Dreamscapes
Mystic State – Light Of Day feat. Marenn Sukle
Mystic State – Solva feat. Alicia Kiah
Mystic State & Marenn Sukie – This Time
Mystic State feat. Congi – Too Late (Captivate Remix)
HAIDA – Don’t Need A Title (Mystic State Remix)
Marenn Sukie – That Time
Mystic State & Marenn Sukie – Find Your Way
Mystic State – Retaliate
Deviant – Always
Marenn Sukie – Never Hurt U (Mystic State Remix)
Brainwork – Felt Your Touch
Mystic State – We Can Help Each Other
Mystic State – Right Here
Marenn Sukle – Never Hurt U
Brainwork & mriml – Grey
Mystic State – Expectations
Levrige & Mystic State – Undercurrent

The Down Low: Session 057

It’s been a long time between drinks for a Down Low Session, but Mystic State’s label The Chikara Project has brought me back into the chillout fold with their sublime take on Dubstep and Garage. Shouts out to Marenn Sukie who leads us in on this mix for the CHikara crew, but followed by Mystic State, SMBR, Jevon Ives, HAIDA and Therma.

Other stand outs are Calibre (when isn’t he a stand out) with Has to Happen from his LP Feeling Normal, the mighty Leftfield with Storms End, Fixate on Exit Records with the bottomless Dead End and a killer Remix of Lennie De Ice’s seminal We Are IE by Caspa & Rusko.

The Down Low: Session 057 – 1hr of Dubstep, Garage and Chillout

Marenn Sukie – In Love No More
Marenn Sukie – Need You Tonight
Mystic State & SMBR – Ruminate
Mystic State – Stutter
Mystic State & Jevon Ives – Hold
HAIDA – Don’t Need A Title
Sustance. – Inherent
Mystic State feat. Elana Montgomery – Fly (Sepia’s Lights Out Remix)
Mystic State – U Need It 2
Calibre – Has to Happen
Leftfield – Storms End
Marenn Sukie – Storms End
Mystic State & Elysia Grace – Telling Me Nothing
Therma – Introspect (Mystic State Remix)
Fixate – Dead End
Biome – Light
Lennie De Ice – We Are IE (Caspa & Rusko Remix)
Marenn Sukie – Do What You Want