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If you are after any of my old, Phuture Frequency or DOA mixes feel free to ask here and I’ll see if I can dig them out and upload them for you. Or if you prefer to email me the hit me up at

If you have an URL to a tracklist to help me track it down, even better.

Once the mix has been hosted I’ll contact you and send you a link to the mix & set list. If you want to view requests other people have made click on the ‘Requested Archive’ category link to your right.

39 thoughts on “Request line”

  1. can you pleasseee reupload?

    Step Off – 1hr of True Tech-Step Tuffness
    Underfire Storm – 1hr of Underfire badness

    maybe? still this 2 also…

    Brand Nu Cool – Jungletrain Session 145
    Earthlings – Jungletrain session 199

    it would be very nice of you 🙂 thanks alot

  2. Woz I would love you to make a ‘trance step’ mix one day. I’m not sure if thats the right term to use but I mean tunes with deep, almost dark, solid, rolling beats with goosebump inducing, heavy synthesized overlays. Some tunes by Plejik, Concord Dawn, DJ Griever, Dj Alien and the like fit the bill. Here are some samples of the kind of tunes I mean …

    Hope you’ll be able to do this. My fingers are firmly crossed! =D

  3. Woz! Your work is A W E S O M E!!! All of my other music is in the catagory of “Yeah but it doesn’t sound as good as Woz.” I’ve been trying to find “Auditory Spiral – Jungletrain Session 141” but can’t find it anywhere… If you get a chance to find that one it would be really cool. It used to be at this URL:

    Thanks again for your incredible music and keep up the great work!

  4. Long story short. The time difference between Perth and Amsterdam meant that I had to play my show at night and when I had my son 3 years ago I couldn’t do the show without waking him up. I will return when he is older and doesn’t need to go to bed so early. Real life getting in the way again.

  5. Hi,

    I can across your site when searching for all artist mixes on google.
    Some real good ones in here, and as it happens I am halfway through launching my own site dedicated to jungle and D&B all artist mixes.

    I have created many myself and it would be great if you could add yours to the database.

    You can submit a mix here;


  6. What ever happened to this mix? Had a lot of rarer content that would be nice to hear again.


    Hard Up Jump Step – Jungletrain Session 146

  7. Hey Mike. I’ll have a look through my archives and see if I still have that one around. I’ll email when I track it down.

  8. Hey WoZ!

    I’m still looking for that one and unique 5-hour mix, you did drop on Jungletrain back around 2005-2006. It was marvelous show. Crazy after it. Could you please look it up, somewhere in your recs?On JT forum isn’t availableanymore, I’m afraid.


  9. Wozowski, are you able to make a mix of some of the old ‘cru l t’ stuff and kniteforce records??
    could I give you some track names?

  10. Sure why not. I don’t think I have much of any of that stuff but if you hit me up with some track names or even better CD comps I might be able to buy I could try and sort it our for you.

  11. I’ll need to look into how many Defunked tunes I have. I know I have a few, but not sure if I have enough for a full hour.

  12. Ok. Well if you can, I’d be much obliged, and if not, I’ll just keep enjoying the other mixes. Cheers.


  13. do u have Step Off – 1hr of True Tech-Step Tuffness & Fly with me?
    heard them when originally posted but would be great if you can repost them

  14. Was thinking back to a mix I (think) you did that started with Sliiime and went on with Long White Cloud….any chance of a link? If my poor old brain is fabricating things ignore me entirely!

    Cheers mate.

  15. I’ve had a good search and can’t find any mixes that start with Sliiime sorry. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it just means I’ve not tracklisted it properly and lost it in the archives somewhere. 🙁

  16. Hi mate,

    Love the mixes. In the Jungle Survival #1 mix can you pls ID the tune with vocal sample that says “lend me the dub and I will throw them down”.

    Thanks in advance!

  17. Hey Maslona

    Pretty sure that is F.O.I. & David Thomas – Lend Me on Kemet which is a mightily underated OG jungle lable.

  18. Eh yo The Ear & Drum,

    Would love if you’d start sharing my DnB mix series releases on your Blog/SoundCloud.

    Should definitely be something your members would love to hear. 🙂

    2Monk – Make Some Action
    Pablo Dread – On My Way
    Revaux – Projections (Revaux Remix)
    Battery – Holding On
    Deploy – Reload
    Itmek – Rn Xo
    Damman – Immersion
    Dephzac – Random Life
    Btk – Intruder
    Toby Ross – Nasty
    Myth – Gunshot
    Voltage – Baddest DJ
    Btk – Heartshaped
    Deploy – Isolation
    Gray – Junkie
    Hidden Forms – Rotor
    Klute – Flesh Eaters
    Liveon – Basso Ostinato
    ‘Io – Inside
    Myth – Big Boy Sounds
    Synth Ethics – Viscera
    Zombie Cats – Lost
    Specimen A – Click Clack
    Marvelous Cain – Step 2
    Manual – Dance Get Sweet
    Ray Keith – Dub Riddim
    Nvrsoft – Temptation
    Clashtone – Pretender
    Mizo – Molten Heart
    Scudd – Mantle
    True Tactix – Bun Up
    Motiv – Shook
    Kolt – Mountains of Madness
    Bill & Ed – Lionel Joseph
    J Select – Unruly
    Ill Truth & Creatues – Anchored
    Brian Brainstorm – Anything & Everything
    No Patterns – Understanding

  19. Thanks for the offer, but you may noticed this blog is personal project and really only houses my mixes.

    If I change my policy I’ll consider submissions based on the style of D&B and quality of mixing.


  20. ive been lowkey obsessing about finding the ice age break by dj ink for years. Heard it the first time during Presha’s set back in 2017 or something and went nuts. Would hear Untouchables and Homemade weapons play it out, but never bothered to ask for ID, coz you know, i was on a dancefloor. Eventually I found ink & gremlinz dark age. And then found the original from 2000. It was thanks to one of your posts on DOA. Now i m listening to Another Giant Leap – 1hr+ of 2-Step Classic and my heart is happy. I found home. I can proceed with my life and get down to work. Much love x

  21. Glad you were able to find what you were looking for. 🙂 Much love & respect.

  22. hey – been listening to your mixes since a Klute one you did back in 2005. Still here, still lovin’ them. Keep it up!

  23. Hmmm that is odd. Let me have a look in the backend and see what is going on with that file and I’ll get back to.

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