Ear & Drum Session 154: Pour One Out

In 2001 I heard a Marcus Intalex and ST Files remix of 4 Hero’s – 9 By 9 and it pretty much changed my life. I’d always liked the Liquid D&B sound, but this was the track that made fall head over heals in love with it. Melodic with a great vocal, but with a tough beat and chugging bassline that just got under your skin. Judging by the reaction every time I played this track, I wasn’t the only one who felt it.

The sudden and unexpected death of Marcus Intalex in 2018 shocked everybody in the scene. Marcus was one of the greats with an enviable back catalogue of fantastic music, but more than that he was just a really great guy. Always encouraging to new producers and with a keen ear for fresh talent his Soul:R and Revolve:R labels were and still are some of D&B finest.

It’s taken me a long time to get around to this mix as so many other DJs who knew Marcus better than I were all dropping sets dedicated to him I felt like there wasn’t much more I could add. Instead of an all Intalex set (of which there are many), I figured I’d play tunes that I was either introduced to through Marcus or that just reminded me of his style. I also decided to focus on the early 2000s as this was when I was hearing him play out the most and what I remember as Marcus Intalex at his absolute finest.

To Mr Marcus Intalex. You were a top producer, a top DJ and most of all a top bloke. I hope you are somewhere brocking out and having a fine old time.

Pour One Out – 1.5hrs of Tunes in Memory of Marcus Intalex

Danny Byrd – Changes (Calibre Remix)
Logistics – Together
Tony Coleman – Synthetic
Logistics – West Country
Marcus Intalex – Temperance
4 Hero – 9 By 9 (M.I.S.T. Full Vocal Mix)
M.I.S.T. – Lover
Tomahawk – Until Dawn
Marcus Intalex – Airborne
DJ Kalm & Citizen – Mirage feat. Adam M
Klute – Phone Call (Matrix Remix)
Sonic – Right Now
DJ Marky & XRS – Closer
Calibre – Its…
Bachelors of Science – Song for Lovers (Lynx Remix)
Rogue Soul – Be With You (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix)
D.Kay & DJ Lee – Touch
M.I.S.T. & DJ Marky & XRS – Sunshine (Touch Me)
Nu:Tone – Millie’s Theme
D.Kay – Balearic Dream
DJ Marky & XRS – Real Good
Cyantific – Neon Skyline
M.I.S.T. & High Contrast – 3am
Twisted Individual – Gimp Mask (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix)

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