Ear & Drum Session: 182 – Missteps

Step in the 90s was all about rugged and raw beats and bass smashing through the speakers. But is also had it’s lesser know deeper and moodier sound that was being pushed by pioneers like Tonic, T-Power and to a lesser degree Ed Rush.

This was Tech Step with long, creeping b-lines and beats that had the odd high passed Amen threaded through it to give a more atmospheric take on the 2-step machine music.

Some of these tunes are my all time favourites from an era that was full of incredible Tech Step based D&B. From Tonic’s Renegade and Outcast, to B.L.I.M.’s Their Culture, to Purple Kola’s menacing The Thing — this is 90’s Tech Step done right.

Missteps – 1hr of Moody 90s Tech Step

Tonic – Renegade
Doc Scott – Machines
Genetic – Implants
T-Power – 33rd Parallel
Tonic – Outcast
The Anger – Footlose
Tonic – Renegade Phazed
Ed Rush – Check Me Out
B.L.I.M. – Their Culture
Rescale – The Vision
Urbanites – Transend
Purple Kola – The Thing
T-Power – Symbiosis
DJ Nomad Vs. DaHeadbanger – Lord of the Rings

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