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So we all now Metalheadz are one of, if not, THE biggest label(s) in Drum & Bass, and we all know Goldie’s fearsome reputation for being a hard man and all round grumpy c**t. Well get ready to have that reputation torn in tatters as you listen to Metalheadz Podcast #2.

There is the usual top notch upfront music that you would expect, but what took me by complete surprise is the good time being had by Goldie, Heist, Nick and Chris post Swerve and obviously post a few lemon sherbets. I’ve heard a lot of radio shows and podcasts in my time, but none that have actually made me squirt redbull through my nose on the fit bird sitting next to me on the train.

This whole thing is hilarious from start to finish and took me back to doing graveyard shifts on RTRfm mashed up with me mates in the 90’s. If you really want to hear what D&B is truly about, I suggest you subscribe to the Headz podcasts now while #2 is still available because it is THE best time you will hear on radio.

Big up the Metalheadz for not running a serious and dull podcasting session and for letting us in on one of their big nights out. I wasn’t at the final night of Swerve at the End, but when I listen to this I feel like I almost was. Respect.

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2 thoughts on “Review – Metalheadz Podcast”

  1. EZ Chris

    Sounds like you were having it large in the studio post Swerve. Cheers for allowing us in on the shenanigans. 😉

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