Underfire Storm – Jungletrain Session 133

Recently reformed as a label and still sounding good Underfire have had a massive influence on the scene ever since the Infantry EP hit hard and heavy. Stakka, Skynet and K-Tee are still big in the game and whilst everybody knows about the Clockwork LP my favourite release from this label is still the Blazing album.

When Blazin’ arrived no one had heard THAT sound before, but the Z-plane filter soon became a D&B favourite. Akai samplers fell out of favour and everybody was breaking their necks to get themselves an E-MU.

Find out what all the fuss was, and still is, about with this review of Underfire classics.

Underfire Storm – 1hr of Underfire badnesssss

Kraken – Illusions
Spy – Z-Plane
Kraken – Side Effects
Kraken – Meatball
Stakka & K-Tee – Synthesis
Profound Noise – Luminous
Hard Evidence – Mindfield
Kraken – Analogue Spikes
Spy – Vapour
Profound Noise – Synthesis RMX
Skynet & Stakka – Nu Level RMX
Stakka & Skynet – Clockwork
Stakka & Skynet – Timelines
Stakka & Skynet feat Friction – Altitude
Stakka & Skynet – Clockwork RMX
Stakka & Skynet feat K-Tee – So Confused

4 thoughts on “Underfire Storm – Jungletrain Session 133”

  1. Thank you for this. I was just searching for an all underfire mix the other day, but to no avail.

    Big ups on all the mixes. Nothing but quality. Keep it coming.

  2. what a mix!this is quality.
    i do find some tracks on underfire a bit slow moving,but z-plane to side effects to meatball to synthesis this is deadly stuff rarely played.analouge spikes is also a pesonal fave.
    i could just see tracks like mystery machine,sick note ed rush & optical,j majik-matchbox,colonies-bad company on this kida set.
    keep up the good work,best d&b mix site ive come across.

  3. I am due to do another one as I have picked up a lot of their singles when they were re-released digitally.

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