Ear & Drum: Session 240 – Flex

Hard hitting D&B has been having a real resurgence in 2022. Stepping away from the loudness wars of the past, producers have been going back to writing tunes that let the spaces in between do the talking to produce a more cinematic feel to them and proving some real flex.

Digital has always had his finger on the pulse, so when he signed up Seba to make the 222 Road to Nowhere EP I just knew it was going to come correct. His tracks Love Story and The Future have that classic Seba roll, but with the tough beats you’d expect from a Function Records release.

Another man who always comes correct Dub Phizix has the Senka Mix Tape out with a swag of impressive tunes of all genres. Most of the tunes on there have been released in long form on various EPs, but Demon Seed, Blossom and Item all have the heavyweight sound. Shouts out to NC-17, Mako and all the rest of the Metalheadz kru who have been keeping it real.

Flex – 1hr of D&B Heavy Hitters

Mako – The Both of Us
Added & Cory James – Concentric
Seba & Digital – Love Story
Seba & Oilskin – The Future
Loxy & Resound – Leagues Deep (Resound Mix)
NC-17 & Dunk – New Jack Hustler
Dub Phizix – Demon Seed
Dub Phizix – Blossom
Slay feat. Chimpo & SL8R – Dis One
DLR – Do I Know What I’m Doing VIP
HLZ – Capone Diet
Subwave – Mercury (Hyroglifics Remix)
Raiden – Fallin Revised
Conrad Subs – Dark Set In
Particle – Driven’ Me Crazy
Dub Phizix – Item
Script – Set Up The Set (DLR’s Clash VIP)
Grey Code – Illiad
NC-17 – State of Grace
Silence Groove – Offset
NC-17 – Ghost Song

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