More new music for the Ear & Drum

As I wrote in the A Big Change to the Ear & Drum post recently, we’ve got some fresh talent join the ranks after ten years of the Ear & Drum being exclusively my work.

DJ Blick has already posted a cracker of a mix feature new work from fan favourite PFM. And now I’m overjoyed to welcome Will AKA Klay Pigeon to the site.

Will’s ‘Alwayz Will’ series has been on constant rotation in my house for years now, so I’m stoked to have him posting the 11th in the series up here very soon. If we’re luck he might retroactively post up the previous ten other Alwayz Will mixes as they are some of most well thought out and diverse mixes I’ve come across in my time.

Welcome Will and we look forward to hearing more from you.

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