Ear & Drum: Session 271 – One Six Four: Two

Part two of my infrequent series focusing on beats at the 164bpm range. There is too many great tunes in here to call them all out. I will highlight MOOD$ impressive Soul Music EP on Outhouse Sounds however as every tune on it is a straight up banger.

Shouts to ASC and Eshaton too for hooking me up with a slew of incredible music on the regular which I very much appreciate. Keep the goods coming.

One Six Four: Two – 1hr of 164bpm Beats

Sub Motion – Random Movements
Aural Imbalance – Altered Perception
Starski – Eros
Cryogenics – Shadow Path
ASC – Repetition
HAIDA – Don’t Need A Title (Mystic State Remix)
The Noise Of Art – Aquatic Comedown
The Noise Of Art – The Revival
Technimatic – For All of Us
Thought-Forms – X3
Perspective:R – Rays of R
Starski – Dawn Dew
Calculon – California Heat
WUFO – The Day
Perspective:R – Don’t Go
Marenn Sukle – Never Hurt U (Mystic State Remix
MOODS – Jodie’s Song
MOOD$ – Soul Music
Addison Groove – Meaty Business
MOOD$ – Severence
Levrige & Mystic State – Undercurrent

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