Ear & Drum: Session 275 – Cloud Level

Heading back into 160bpm territory with this eclectic blend of Trap, Atmospheric D&B and Jungle. This combination seems a little odd but it works thanks to Acid_Lab and their new My Tek EP and The Appreciation EP, both which gets heavily raided for this mix. ASC’s Spatial imprint also features heavily and keep an ear out for the much appreciated 2023 Remaster of Stars by Source Direct.

Cloud Level – 1hr of 160bpm Trap, Atmospheric D&B & Jungle

Acid_ Lab – My Tek
Eusebela – Waveform 05
Rainforest – Faith Beyond Fate
Tim Reaper – Lucky Go Happy
The Noise Of Art – The Revival
ASC – Impressions
ASC – Repetition
Earl Grey – Amygdala
Aural Imbalance – Aurealis
ASC – Still Motion
Tim Reaper – Waveform OB
Dwarde – Poprocks Track 4
Earl Grey – Prussia Dub
WUFO – The Day
Acid Lab – Neva Trust
Acid Lab – Missing U
Lavery – Give Yourselt
Acid Lab – Zeta Reticuli
Source Direct – Stars (2023 Remaster)
J Maijk – Space Between
MOOD$ – Severence
Levrige & Mystic State – Undercurrent
ASC – Nexus
Acid Lab – On A Sunbeam

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