Producer Profile: ATP

I’ve been a big fan of ATP’s music for the last year or two. A Melbourne based producer with a strong sense of melody to his work, I always know I am going to get a quality production every time I listen to one his tracks. He is also one of those rare beasts in D&B, a producer who doesn’t take himself super seriously in a chin stroking fashion. This sense of fun also comes out in his music.

With his album coming out called Energy Currency I figured now would be a good time to shine a light on him as a producer and offer up two free tunes he is giving away to promote the album. Both are bootlegs, one of Jay-Z’s – So Ambitious and the other, more interestingly, is of the mighty Hall and Oates’ – I Can’t Go For That.

So check his bio, download the tunes and if you like them then check out Energy Currency which I am sure won’t disappoint.

Biography: ATP

A self confessed science nerd, ATP (Dave Shearer) takes his name from a molecule found in the human body called Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. However, it’s the science of music that he would have you remember him for, especially his own brand of deeper jazz influenced drum’n’bass.

Before starting to play gigs around Melbourne, he started a radio show “Nu Soul” on ATP now has supported many international artists including LTJ Bukem, Makoto, Greenfly, Vice Versa, Crissy Cris, Stunna, Amaning, Physics, Flirt with Dirt, Qumulus, DJ Clart, Lenzman, Overfiend, Jay Rome, Youthman and Radiata.

Already ATP’s smooth musical stylings have been snapped up with tunes on Liquid Brilliants and further releases on Influenza Media, BIOS, Fokuz, Urban Chemistry, Point 9 Audio and Golden Orb.
Mixes at
AIM – deejayatp

• Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That (ATP DnB Booty)

• Jay Z (Feat. Pharrell) – So Ambitious (ATP DnB Booty)

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