Producer Profile: Data

Data was one of my stand outs for 2009. Tracks like Delicate, Vice and Antenna from The Prologue EP on Horizons and Muted & Splice off his debut Metalheadz 12″ single saw him prove that he has his own unique sound, but that he can also cross genre boundaries with ease.

Based in West London Data has been turning heads with his mature and different approach to modern day drum and bass production. Quickly rising through the ranks with a slew of signings, his tracks quickly found their way into many top dj’s bags, including Goldie. Data’s focus on ambience, groove, minimalism and experimentation provides a whole new take on current drum and bass.

If you want find out more then check out his soundcloud and myspace, or just download the three tracks provided below. Two of these were slated to be on Metalheadz, so make sure you show your appreciation by purchasing any other Data tunes you stumble on and like in 2010.

Download here. 🙂

Data, E & Dynamic – Chiba City Blues
Data & E – Relic
Data – The Black Pagoda

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