Certifiable – Ear & Drum Session 27

When Certificate 18 closed it doors back in 2002 I was crushed. Here was a leabel that let producers find their own sound and had no fear about putting out experimental D&B at it’s finest. It’s list of artists was pure quality with the likes of Klute, Teebee, Polar, Code of Practice and Studio Pressure all honing their production skills at the label. The beauty of a Certificate 18 12″ or EP was that you never new what you where going to get, but that it was always going to be good.

This mix comes from mainly the albums that Certificate 18 released. Classics such as Teebee’s Black Science Labs and Through the Eyes of the Scorpion, Klute’s debut LP Fear of People, Polar’s sublime Still Moving and of course the lanels flagship compilations the Hidden Rooms albums.  The mix is as diverse as the label itself and jumps from style to style, but still manages to maintain it’s flow.

This is for all those who remember and for those that want to learn what amzing experimental D&B sounds like.

Certifiable – 2hrs of Certificate 18

Klute – Three Of Us
Klute – Workout
Klute – Leo 9
Teebee – The Void
Teebee – Severed Dreams
Teebee – Silent Depths
Sounds of Life – Hidden Rooms
Polar – Mind of a Killer
Studio Pressure – Currents (Studio Pressure Remix)
Lexis – Groove Therapy (Photek Remix)
Sounds of Life – A Spice of Jazz
Klute – Chicks
Polar – 5am
Polar – Innocent
Klute – Phone Call (Matrix Remix)
Klute – We R the Ones
Klute – X-mass
Teebee – Black Rain
Klute & The Green Man – Lost
Code of Practice – Can We Change The Future (Klute Remix)
Code of Practice – Can We Change The Future (Sounds of Life Remix)
Teebee – Stolen Documents
Teebee – Frequencies
Teebee – Spaceage
Teebee – Spaceage (Teebee Remix)
Sounds of Life – Release the Bells (Wax Doctor Remix)

9 thoughts on “Certifiable – Ear & Drum Session 27”

  1. Hey Woz, psyched to hear this mix. Perhaps you can clear something up for me. Was Polar a pseudonym for another artist? For a while I thought it was klute, and then I might have heard it was teebee. But maybe Polar is just Polar, and is he/she still making music under a new name?

    Thanks for your mixes mate!

  2. Very quality mixes. This label just has such a clear sound/vision that has cemented its position in dnb history.

  3. A huge mix, thanks for this!

    Question: has “Studio Pressure – Currents (Studio Pressure Remix)” ever been released? I feel it’s familiar to my ears, but I can’t find it in my fairly complete Photek collection as well as discogs/rolldabeats..

  4. Are you missing a track between Klute & The Green Man – Lost and Code of Practice – Can We Change The Future (Klute Remix)? Comes in at about 1:21:05 until 1:26:44 and goes ‘right or wrong, right or wrong, right’.


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