Producer Profile: S13

You gottah love D&B for throwing artists your way that you haven’t even heard of, but blow you away with the quality of their music. One such artist is S13, who’s free Yourself EP features four solid tracks that are all well worth listening too and, even better, mixing. The highlight for me is a track called Earth Ulro, which is totally inspired and inspiring.

If I can dig up any info on S13 I’ll add it here, but for now he is a mystery to me. So I’ll just have to copy and paste the press release that came with the EP.

Once two different stories began. As the result we give you the best quality electronic music for free. S13 has been a big secret but now it’s time to tell you the truth.

Nestle down and don’t talk. Hear the cold and depth of his thoughts. Feel the sand and gaze of his mysterious eyes. Discover his weird Earth Ulro.

Download the EP for free yourself HERE

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