Progressive Future Music – Ear & Drum Session 1

To say PFM is a legend in the field of atmospheric drum & bass is a chronic understatement. Although not huge in volumes of output, just about every track PFM has produced is golden and is so lushly crafted that they always take you on a journey. If I had to point to a single producer who sums up the Good Looking sound it would be them/him.

This mix goes to all those who have had a ‘moment’ on a dance floor some where at some time when a PFM track has smoothed it’s way into a mix and transported you to a better place.

Click the thread title to listen, or right-click & save-as to download.


Progressive Future Music – 1hr of PFM

PFM – Cruising Detroit (98 Remix)
PFM – Danny’s Song
PFM – One and Only
Mandalay – Flowers Bloom (PFM Secret Lover Mix)
PFM – The Western (Words 2 B Heard Vocal Mix)
PFM – The Mystics
PFM – Language of Love
PFM – Dreams PFM – In Love
PFM – Wash Over Me
Saint Etienne – The Sea (PFM Remix)
PFM – For All of Us

6 thoughts on “Progressive Future Music – Ear & Drum Session 1”

  1. Sorry Tekl, unless you know a way of stripping vocals out of mixes that I don’t know about I can’t do this.

    All my mixes are live, so once they are recorded that is pretty much that.

  2. fantastic mix! thank you – exactly the music mix ive been lookin for.
    do you have any other similar-style mixes?


  3. Try ‘A Gentleman’s Selection’ on for size. If this doesn’t do it for you, I’ll put together a special old school atmospheric mix for you. πŸ˜‰

  4. *OH MY GOD* Thank you so much for this upload! i have been searching for a pure PFM mix for ages. πŸ™‚

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