Basic Operations – The Lost Tapes

Basic Operations (Atlantic Connection & Kevin Focus) went their separate ways in 2005 leaving a legacy of awesome music. But even better they left a swag of unreleased tunes which they are now putting out under their ‘Lost Tapes’ series. Classics like Drifting on an Aspect (VIP), Keep on Dreaming, New Dawn and Since I’ve Seen You which Bukem caned on dub for years.

You can get a listen and buy it exclusively from And to top it all off Basic Ops are also slated to be going back into the studio again to work on some new releases which I am hoping will hit sooner rather than later.

Basic Operations
The Lost Tapes Vol. 1

1. Drifting on an Aspect (VIP)
2. Since I’ve Seen You
3. O.S.F
4. Keep On Dreaming

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