Bass Fishing – Ear & Drum Session 76

Session number 76 sees something new in the repetiore with my first attempt at a Bass Music mix. WTF is Bass Music I hear you ask yourself, and what happened to the Drums? Bass Music is a mixture of (mainly UK) House, Techno, Dubstep and Garage. I say mainly UK because it seems to be the UKs reaction to Dubstep being stolen by Skrillex in the US and turned into some screachy festival music for bros & hoes. This sound is much deeper, and groovier and has a good smattering of the real Dub and Reggae roots dubstep originally had when it first came out.

For me this stuff is super fun to mix, and the chance to blend all sorts of styles, beats and tempos together reminds me of the good old days when there weren’t really any defined genres. It was all just dance music. I think the other thing that is great about this stuff is that it can be as deep you like whilst still feeling fun and making you move. Something D&B seems to have forgotten with it’s super slick production and super sped up beats. Although if you check the set list carefully you’ll notice that a good chunk of the producers in this mix do have their roots in D&B production.

Oh and the other reason it’s called Bass Music because it really is heavy on the bass. So turn it up and tear it up.

Bass Fishing – 1hr+ of Deep Bass Music

Greg Packer & MC Assassin – Sound Kriminal (Killafoe Remix)
Lennie De Ice – We Are IE (Caspa & Rusko Remix)
DJG – Here Come The Dark Lights
Barefoot – Murmurs
Ill Skillz – Eternity (feat. Dub FX) (DJ Edit)
Amit – RBMK 1000
Lynk feat. Fats & Seed – Revolutions
Sepalcure – Taking You Back
Photek – Levitation
Tokimonsta – Mileena’s Theme
High Contrast – Not Waving, But Drowning (feat. Lung & Jessy Allen)
KeOSz & Trilo – Last Hope
Unquote – Cold Tenderness
Skream – Where You Should Be feat. Sam Frank (Original Mix)
Tali – Love Runs Deep (vs Atlantic Connection)
Eveson – Life In The Balance (140 Reprise)
Tali – Signs (vs Skism & Do The Math)
Noisia – Tommy’s Theme

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