Breaking Bad – Ear & Drum Session 149

The harder side of D&B has taken an interesting turn lately with lots of artists looking back to move forward. Producers such as Blocks & Escher, Forrest Drive West and Bladerunner are all using sounds from back in the day and putting an fresh twist on them with modern day production techniques. Needless to say this is great news for older headz such as myself.

Deep, dark and dirty a lot of the tunes in this mix feature this new take on old styles with deadly impact. If you are a fan the original Metalheadz sound this will definitely appeal.

Breaking Bad – 1hr of Heavy D&B

Blocks & Escher – Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Amoss – Flat Spots
Mantra – Nocturne
1991 – Jungle Cats
Forest Drive West – Last Day
Lakeway – Lock Off
Double O – Shuffling on Zion’s Bus
Digital & Repsonse – Silver Lining (Seba Remix)
Seba – War on Music (feat. MC Blackeye)
Amoss – Timedrops
Ahmad & Akinsa – Delsusions
Digital & John B – You & Me
Sully – Armour (Digital Remix)
Nucleus – Raw Delux
Bladerunner – The Test
Amoss – Century Seven
Theory – Rasafari
OX7GEN – Trinity

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