Half Beaten – Phuturefreq Session 13


I did this mix a looong time ago back in Jan 2005 and have since lost the track listing. It is a boomer and I listen to it fairly regularly, but I need your help to fill in the blanks in my in-complete tracklist.

It is mainly half-beat and dub paced electronica and I suspect a lot of the missing track are from Ninja Tunes. Stupidly, I do own all the tracks in this mix, but they are lost in my shelves and some of them are so tasty I have to know what they are called so I can resurrect them for future mixes.

If anyone can help then just post up a comment here and I’ll fill in the blanks as track information comes to hand. Thanks in advance.


Half Beaten – 2hrs of Half Beat and Dub style Drum & Bass

T-Power – Indigo
The Fire This Time – At Least Native American Indians Know Exactly How they Have Been Ficked Around! (Mad Professor Original Mix)
Spring Heel Jack – 60 Seconds Dub
London Electricity – Round the Corner
T-Power & MK Ultra – Horny Mutant Jazz
DJ Hype – Dead A’s
Ming & FS – The Most Dangerous Drip (D&B Mix)
2 Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Mix)
DJ Hype – Help Me
Busta Rhymes – Dangerous (Soul Society Remix)
EZ Rollers – You’ll Never Know
Banaczec – Ipcress File
PFM – For All of Us
Blame – The Phoenix
Reprazent – New Forms

3 thoughts on “Half Beaten – Phuturefreq Session 13”

  1. Not claiming any great trainspotting abilities, but I do have Shazam, which is giving me the first blank as Junkies Flashback by Mad Doctor X, the 2nd Spanish High Noon by Misterjon, 3rd Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ mix) – DJ Food (this one is def. correct). Will keep trying for you, loving the mixes…


  2. Then a lot of blanks, but do have Draft 2005 by Dissent 3, and Cosmic Jam (Part 1 Flexistentialism) also DJ Food as the last one. HTH…

  3. I think you are definitely on to some of these tracks and I’ll check out and update the track list this weekend.

    Thanks for helping out on this. Really appreciated my end as it means I can resurrect some of these old beauties.

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