Sup? – Ear & Drum Session 15

Back onto the new tunes for June 2009 in this mix. We kick off with some tracks from the highly under-rated Future Thinkin’ label, and then get into some Alaska & Paradox from their new LP ‘Isolationist’. Rufige Kru’s – Memoirs Of An Afterlife EP gets a nod, as does Paradox’s – The Age Of Outsiders Vol.2 and Helsinki Sunshine, the new LP on Peshay’s Pivotal Entertainment label. We even get into some heavier territory thanks to Break’s – Traits remix and Spor’s nasty rework of Two Finger’s – That Girl.

There is a whole heap more than just what is mentioned above, so if you want to hear something new and different I suggest you shove this into your ear hole.

Sup? – 1hr+ of new beats and bass lines

Escher – Slice
Am De Sa – Beyond the Saurian
Alaska & Paradox – Zion
Geln E Ston – Equinox
Am De Sa – Aaj Mera Jee Karda
Rufige Kru – Sometime Sad Day
Solar – Exploration
Instra:Mental – Photograph
Contour – Helsinki Sunshine
ASC – Stardust
Draft – Life Cycle
Break – Traits (Remix)
Two Fingers Feat. Sway – That Girl (Spor Remix)
Alaska & Paradox – Mauja
Lenzman – Bright Lights
Paul SG & Eros – Midnight Rain
Roni Size – It’s Jazzy (Nu:Tone Remix)
Calibre – The Blues
D-Fect – Contact
Break – Enigma (Calibre Remix)

6 thoughts on “Sup? – Ear & Drum Session 15”

  1. wicked mix…I love the first part best…that Spor remix is painfully good.
    Big up!

  2. Enjoyed that one fella, suited the weather here in sunny Wales (for once).

    Token superlatives here, and then some.

    Be good, my good man.

  3. Dangerous! Love this mix Woz! Bigup! Your good taste, skillz and knowledge of DnB never fails to impress me! Keep it up my man!

  4. Always wondered what woz meant, (woz this is not dnb, woz mix, etc.) When Seth ODs and sees angel lowered to the stage like that and he thinks it really happened like Eminem thought he was seeing gay but hanging on a wire so he made it come down into his face. Everyone started to laugh except for him because he didn’t know it was real.

  5. Very nice! Been listening to it a lot. The tune that comes in at around the half hour mark is immense, been trying to work out which one it is but to no avail… if you have a second please let me know lol. Big big mix πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve got that one down as either Instra:Mental – Photograph, which is the haunting kind of half beat number. Or Contour – Helsinki Sunshine off the LP of the same name on Pivotal, this sounds really up and has the female vocal and horn stabs in it.

    Hope that helps. πŸ˜‰

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