Fricken Genius – Jungletrain Session 127

Once upon a time a long time ago, producers didn’t just write choons that made you jump up and down. They also made tracks that took you on a journey, made your jaw drop and shit the bed all at once.

One such producer was T-Power, and this is his story.


Fricken Genius – 1hr of early T-Power classics.

T-Power – Indigo
T-Power – Liberation
T-Power – Octagon/Triangle
T-Power – Mutant Jazz
T-Power – Circle
T-Power – Turquoise
T-Power – The Elemental (Sociopathic Mix)
T-Power – Amber
T-Power – Square
T-Power – Prospect for Democracy
T-Power – Symbiosis
T-Power – Bionic Chronic

4 thoughts on “Fricken Genius – Jungletrain Session 127”

  1. This mix is up there with “this is not drum & bass”…it’s just beautiful. T Power was a don and this selection shows it.
    Again, you are a badman Woz!

  2. Sure I’ve heard this before, but always welcome.

    Mutant Jazz will always remind me of being 15.


    Excellent either way, thank you.

  3. Great mix. Seem to be downloading more and more of your mixes Woz! Yet to be disappointed 🙂

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