Step Tech – Jungletrain Session 136

Djork wanted me to put this old jungletrain set back up for the people. I couldn’t find it amongst my archives so big ups to Eric Digital who was able to point me towards a link from a German site that had a copy still up for download.

Deep, dark and brooding. That is the only way you can describe the Tech Step sound from 96-97. If you wanna know why Ed Rush and Trace are considered the legends they are today you gottah check out this set of pure 1996 Tech Step beats and bass. With support from Tonic AKA The Mac, Skyscraper and Dillinja this set goes to prove that tech step can be both beautiful & brutal all at the same time.


Step Tech – 1hr of deep Tech Step

Tonic – Delta
Ed Rush – Autumn RMX
Tonic – Outcast
Ed Rush – Check Me Out
Cybernet vs Genetix – Program 3
Tonic – Renegade
Ed Rush – The Force is Electric
Ed Rush – West Side Sax
Cybotron (feat Dillinja) – Threshold
Ed Rush – Gun Check
Sureshot – Mindscape Pt1
BLIM – Jeamland (DJ Trace’s Word)
DJ Trace – Mid Town Method
Skyscraper – The Difference

5 thoughts on “Step Tech – Jungletrain Session 136”

  1. oh yeah woz.

    just what i was needin.

    youre tha man!!!

    i love these olschool tech sets. big tunage in here.

  2. massive mix…top marks again!
    Ed Rush was so much better before pairing with Optical imho.

  3. i personally dont agree.

    ed’s tunes before optical were not much different than other tunes made by his folks on no uturn… excluding force is electric, of course…

    when he paired with op, they consolidated a unique style (that virus sound) and shaped the sound of techstep.


  4. is this tonic that used to have a residence at movement when it was at bar rumba like ’99-00?

  5. I’m not to sure as I didn’t move to the UK until 2001.

    But he also went under the name The Mack and Genetix. He’s had releases on Luckyspin, DeeJay and Trouble on Vinyl which makes me think he has been around the scene for a long time.

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