The Back 2 You Remix Project

I’ve been sent this little gem of an opportunity which you might be interested in if you are into production.

The BACK 2 YOU remix projects has been set to show case and find the new generation of music producers. Giving them the chance to remix artists established artists. All producers are welcome to submit their remix which will be voted by a selection of respected judges from all areas of the music business. This is a chance for all up and coming producers to show case there talents to the world. A chance to re-mix history

You’ll find the website here which includes past archives of remixes already done and current projects up and running for remixing.

The big one for me amongst this month’s projects would have to be Commix – Satelite Type 2 Remix Project. Not often you get the chance to remix an artist as sweet as Commix and it is totally backed by Metalheadz. So if you want a golden opportunity to get yourself heard by the heavyweights I suggest you get onto this.

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