Finality – Jungletrain Session 205

This was the very last Jungle Train session I played after four plus years with the station. The advent of my son meant that I could no longer do a live mix radio show at a decent time for the European time zones without waking him up over here in Australia. So unfortunately I had to let Jungle Train go.

As a last hurrah I thought it would be good to play some of my all time favourite tunes. The tunes that never got tired for me and that I can still pull out today and play without hearing the age in them. Their are some monsters in here like the Dictation Remix (still one of the best intro tunes for a set ever), Splash Collective’s ‘It’s For Us’ and Adam F’s ‘Metropolis’, but really every tune in this mix is a winner.

A big up to Josh and all the Jungle Trainers who were always brilliant to me and I hope at some stage in the future I can join your station again.

FInality – 1hr of all Killer, no Filler D&B

Gang Related & Mask – Dictation (Michael Caine Mix)
Dr S Gachet – Remember the Rollers (The Rollercoaster Mix)
Kemet Kru – Dangerous
DJ Zinc – Fugees Or Not
JB – Say What (The Blind Man)
Splash Collective – It’s For Us
Ganja Kru – Science
T-Power & Mk Ultra – Mutant Jazz
T-Power – Trapezium, Octagon & Triangle
Freestyles – Musically Dope (Ganja Kru Remix)
DJ Hype – Only One Life (Ganja Kru Remix)
Adam F – Metropolis
DJ Kalm – Violet

One thought on “Finality – Jungletrain Session 205”

  1. Way back when the Wayz of the Dragon album was released, that Dictation tune was caned to death for months here in Texas. unfortunately, it seems to have been forgotten about and that’s a shame.

    excellent mix. thanks again.

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