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Producer Profile: DJ Clart

I first heard of DJ Clart through the Golden Orb Weavers EP with his track So Selfish. His ability to toughen up a liquid track and still keep it melodic jumped out at me straight away. Just to prove it wasn’t a fluke he dropped the monster Avenue on Sole Digital, the super smooth Watchout VIP on Liquid Brilliants and sublime Mysterious Ways with Glen E Stone on Quilin’s 4 Corners EP.

To call Clart liquid doesn’t really do him justice. His diversity is always underpinned by a ‘deepness’ that remains consistent in all his releases. His use of organic bass lines which he twists into growling stabs and the crisp, clean and loud production on his beats really make his tracks hold up in a mix.

It’s looking like a big year for Clart with upcoming releases on Peer pressure, Next Sense, Ingredients, Vampire and Influenza Media. I am convinced 2010 will be year that this talented producer blows up big.

Just top get a taste here is a free track Clart has graciously let me host. It’s a bootleg of Lupe Fiasco’s Paris Tokyo and whilst quite a bit lighter than some of Clart’s official releases it still shows what talent he is.

Enjoy. 🙂

Lupe Fiasco – Paris Tokyo (DJ Clart’s D&B Bootleg)

Producer Profile: Data

Data was one of my stand outs for 2009. Tracks like Delicate, Vice and Antenna from The Prologue EP on Horizons and Muted & Splice off his debut Metalheadz 12″ single saw him prove that he has his own unique sound, but that he can also cross genre boundaries with ease.

Based in West London Data has been turning heads with his mature and different approach to modern day drum and bass production. Quickly rising through the ranks with a slew of signings, his tracks quickly found their way into many top dj’s bags, including Goldie. Data’s focus on ambience, groove, minimalism and experimentation provides a whole new take on current drum and bass.

If you want find out more then check out his soundcloud and myspace, or just download the three tracks provided below. Two of these were slated to be on Metalheadz, so make sure you show your appreciation by purchasing any other Data tunes you stumble on and like in 2010.

Download here. 🙂

Data, E & Dynamic – Chiba City Blues
Data & E – Relic
Data – The Black Pagoda

Producer Profile: ATP

I’ve been a big fan of ATP’s music for the last year or two. A Melbourne based producer with a strong sense of melody to his work, I always know I am going to get a quality production every time I listen to one his tracks. He is also one of those rare beasts in D&B, a producer who doesn’t take himself super seriously in a chin stroking fashion. This sense of fun also comes out in his music.

With his album coming out called Energy Currency I figured now would be a good time to shine a light on him as a producer and offer up two free tunes he is giving away to promote the album. Both are bootlegs, one of Jay-Z’s – So Ambitious and the other, more interestingly, is of the mighty Hall and Oates’ – I Can’t Go For That.

So check his bio, download the tunes and if you like them then check out Energy Currency which I am sure won’t disappoint.

Biography: ATP

A self confessed science nerd, ATP (Dave Shearer) takes his name from a molecule found in the human body called Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. However, it’s the science of music that he would have you remember him for, especially his own brand of deeper jazz influenced drum’n’bass.

Before starting to play gigs around Melbourne, he started a radio show “Nu Soul” on ATP now has supported many international artists including LTJ Bukem, Makoto, Greenfly, Vice Versa, Crissy Cris, Stunna, Amaning, Physics, Flirt with Dirt, Qumulus, DJ Clart, Lenzman, Overfiend, Jay Rome, Youthman and Radiata.

Already ATP’s smooth musical stylings have been snapped up with tunes on Liquid Brilliants and further releases on Influenza Media, BIOS, Fokuz, Urban Chemistry, Point 9 Audio and Golden Orb.
Mixes at
AIM – deejayatp

• Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That (ATP DnB Booty)

• Jay Z (Feat. Pharrell) – So Ambitious (ATP DnB Booty)